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2017 International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy ( TAP Energy) (2017)



Industries that are situated far away from grid access, industries which cannot tolerate frequent power outages and power quality issues would produce a portion or whole of their demand using fossil fuel based technologies in their site. Fossil fuel based technologies exhibit disadvantages like high operating cost, fluctuations of t he p rice of f uel, g reenhouse g as emission etc. Therefore, the use of renewable resources for electricity generation is gaining awareness. Inverters are predominantly used in such systems. Most commonly used the inverter in these applications is the three phase three leg voltage source inverter(VSI). When supplying unbalanced loads and nonlinear loads, the inverter performs with numerous problems such as poor dc link utilization, lower efficiency, high common mode volt-age(CMV) and adverse electromagnetic interference(EMI) effects. In this paper a standalone three phase four wire supply system utilizing solar photovoltaic system(PV), battery energy storage system(BESS) and a four leg VSI in developed. Zero sequence injected pulse width modulation(PWM) coupled with near state pulse width modulation(PWM) is chosen as the control scheme for the inverter. The proposed system is simulated under balanced as well as unbalanced load condition. The results are validated and verified in MATLAB.

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D. Ashwin, Ilango Karuppasamy, and Gopal, V. Kumar, “Design and simulation of stand-alone three phase power supply system using solar photo voltaics for industrial load application”, 2017 International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy ( TAP Energy). 2017.