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International Journal of Power and Energy Systems, ACTA Press (2018)


The bulk power transmission is an interconnected system which gives more attention to the use of flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS). The transmission lines are loaded with a substantial amount of active and reactive power, so the voltage stability is inferior on the load buses. Static compensator (STATCOM) is a shunt connected FACTS device and is extensively used as a remedial measure for voltage instability issues in the power system. The nonlinear behaviour of power systems and switching converters in the STATCOM degrades the performance under dynamic conditions. This paper focussed on a nonlinear MIMO state-space model of STATCOM controlled by a nonlinear feedback linearization controller (FBLC). This paper investigates the effectiveness of two popular approaches of FBLC in a nonlinear system, which are input–output feedback linearization controller (IOFL) and partial feedback linearization controller (PFBLC). A detailed simulation analysis is performed under different operating conditions, and it is validated in the standard IEEE 5 bus system. The in-depth result analysis shows the superiority of PFBLC over the IOFL and PI controller. Furthermore, the PFBLC controller can widen the operating range of STATCOM, fast convergence of the parameters to set values and make absolute decoupling control of the parameters. All performance analyses and simulation studies prove the admirable performance of PFBLC in power system applications.

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Dr. Sindhu Thampatty K.C., S, P., and .N.P.Nambiar, T., “Design of Feedback Linearization Controller for STATCOM for VAR compensation in an Interconnected System”, International Journal of Power and Energy Systems, ACTA Press, 2018.