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Conference Paper


International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. (2018)


This low cost drawing bot is an embedded system which
works on the basis of Computer Numerical control. This
paper deals with the design, implementation and analysis
of a low cost drawing robot for educational purposes. With
the aim of boosting the students robot making interests and
their technical expertise to the next level, the research elaborates on the technology behind building this low cost bot.
The hardware includes a simple embedded system with low
cost microcontroller board. The bot has a 2 axis control
using the stepper motor and the pen is controlled using a
servo motor. It uses Inkscape software for drawing images
and to create G-code files. Universal G-code sender sends these G-code files to microcontroller board for controlling
the pen/pencil to move in x, y and z directions to draw the
image. The experimental results show that how close the
images drawn by the bot to that of the original one. In
addition the details simple way of building this bot is also
provided in this paper.

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Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Raagul, S., Dileep, S., Sathi, S. Reddy, Pula, B. Teja, Vishnu, S., Sasikumar, V., and Gupta, U. Sai Chaita, “Design, Implementation and Analysis of a Low Cost Drawing Bot for Educational Purpose”, in International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics., 2018.

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