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Journal Article


IEEE Electronics Letters, IET, Volume 36, Number 7, p.602-603 (2000)



gain, ground plane, impedance matching, integrated circuit noise, low noise microwave transistor amplifier, microwave amplifiers, Microwave integrated circuits, noise figure characteristics, nonresonant slot matching, slot matched amplifier, transmission line stubs


A study into the application of nonresonant slots for impedance matching in microwave circuits is presented based on an evaluation of the performance of a low noise microwave transistor amplifier. Results show improved gain and noise figure characteristics for a slot matched amplifier compared to a microwave amplifier designed using transmission line stubs. Since the slots that are proposed appear in the ground plane of the active circuits, the size of the overall circuit is lower compared to that of an amplifier designed using transmission line stubs.

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Dr. Dhanesh G. Kurup and A. Rydberg, “Design of microwave amplifier using non-resonant slot matching”, IEEE Electronics Letters, vol. 36, pp. 602-603, 2000.