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Conference Proceedings


Proceedings of SARC-ITR International Conference, Chennai (2014)





PID Controller, State observer, State space model, System Identification


In this paper a scheme for developing PID controller and state observer for a flow control system in MATLAB is proposed. The flow control system is interfaced with MATLAB using OPC toolbox. A digital PID controller is constructed based on position algorithm which enables the user to control the system performance. State space model for the system is developed using System Identification. State observer is constructed in MATLAB by employing the system parameters acquired. The estimation error of the observer should converge to zero to track the system properly.

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V. S. Abitha, Jayasankar, V., Divya, A., Joseph, J., and Nag, P. V. Sunil, “Design of PID controller and state observer for flow control system using MATLAB”, Proceedings of SARC-ITR International Conference. Chennai, 2014.