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Conference Paper


2005 International Conference on Power Electronics and Drives Systems (2005)


Active filters, Algorithm design and analysis, Analog circuits, analog implementation, Circuit simulation, Control algorithms, Filtering, Hardware, harmonics and reactive power compensation, Power harmonic filters, Power quality, Power system harmonics, reactive loads, Reactive power, self-supporting DC bus voltage, shunt active power filter


Fine-tuning of the active filtering techniques have always been the focus of many researchers in the area of active power filters for proper power quality mitigation in retrofit systems. In this paper, the newly proposed Icosφ algorithm is applied to a three-phase shunt active filter to provide harmonics' and reactive power compensation as demanded by the non-linear reactive load. The design is verified in simulation as well as implemented in hardware using simple analog circuits and results are compared.

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Dr. Manjula G. Nair and Bhuvaneswari, G., “Design, Simulation and Analog Circuit Implementation of a Three-phase Shunt Active Filter using the Icos φ Algorithm”, in 2005 International Conference on Power Electronics and Drives Systems, 2005.