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Journal Article


CTACT Journal On Image and Video Processing, Volume 2, Issue 4, Number 405-409 (2012)



Nowadays, digital images can be easily altered by using highperformance computers, sophisticated photo-editing, computer graphics software, etc. It will affect the authenticity of images in law, politics, the media, and business. In this paper, we proposed a Resampling technique using automatic selection of Region of Interest (ROI) method for finding the authenticity of digitally altered image. The proposed technique provides better results beneath scaling, rotation, skewing transformations, and any of their arbitrary
combinations in image.

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P. Subathra, Baskar, A., and D Kumar, S., “Detecting Digital Image Forgeries Using Re-Sampling by Automatic Region of Interest (ROI)”, CTACT Journal On Image and Video Processing, vol. 2, no. 4, 2012.