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Conference Paper


2017 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI) (2017)


Aquaculture, Biochemistry, Blood, Carbohydrate Metabolism, classification techniques, copper, Diseases, economic health, effective barometer, Energy resources, ENVI(Environment for Visualizing Images), Environmental impact, Enzymes, geophysical image processing, health and safety, healthy existence, hemocyanin, hemoglobin, high health benefits, Hyperion, Hyperspectral imaging, Hyperspectral remote sensing, Hyperspectral remote sensing techniques, Indexes, Mammals, mineral, Minerals, mining, molecular biophysics, normal metabolic process, nutrient, oxygen transportation pigments, Proteins, Reflectivity, Remote sensing, social impact, southern India using hyperion imagery


The demand for mineral and energy resources has increased pressure to reduce the environmental and social impact through mining operations. Among various minerals, Copper has served as an effective barometer of the economic health of a particular region or locality. Copper is an essential nutrient for humans and a few mammals for the best functioning of enzymes and carbohydrate metabolism. Copper is also needed for the formation of hemoglobin and hemocyanin which helps in oxygen transportation pigments in the blood of shellfish and many other vertebrates. Copper has high health benefits for a healthy existence, as the mineral allows a normal metabolic process associated with vitamins and amino acids. All these cannot be produced within the body and hence it needs to be added from external sources. This paper indicates the identification of Copper in parts of Karnataka using Hyperspectral remote sensing techniques. ENVI software is used to process and analyze the sensor's (Hyperion) raw data to determine the exact locations of copper that are present in it using different classification techniques.

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S. Roopa, Narayanan, K. S., Sarvanan, S., Jhanane, M., and Aravinth J., “Detection of Copper in Southern India Using Hyperion Imagery”, in 2017 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), 2017.