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Journal of experimental pathology, Volume 6, Number 1-2, p.55-64 (1992)



article, Base Sequence, biopsy, Cervix Neoplasms, Cervix Uteri, chemistry, DNA, female, genetics, herpes simplex virus, human, nucleic acid hybridization, nucleotide sequence, Papilloma virus, Papillomavirus, pathology, Simplexvirus, uterine cervix, uterine cervix tumor, Viral, virus DNA


Biopsy samples from one hundred and two patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix and tissues from twelve healthy normal cervical tissues (post hysterectomy) were examined for HSV-type 2 and HPV-11 DNA sequences by molecular hybridization technique. In the carcinoma tissue extracts 53% contained HSV-2 DNA, 27% -HSV-1-DNA and 36% showed HPV-11 gene sequences while 5.7% were found to contain both HPV and HSV-2 DNA. Biopsies from healthy cervix were completely negative for HSV-2 and HPV-11 DNA sequences.


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D. M. Vasudevan, Thankamani, V., and Kumari, T. V., “Detection of herpes simplex virus type-2 DNA and human papilloma virus DNA sequences in cervical carcinoma tissue by molecular hybridization.”, Journal of experimental pathology, vol. 6, pp. 55-64, 1992.