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Journal Article


Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series B, Springer, Volume 93, Number 3, p.143–149 (2012)


Numerical investigations have been performed here to study the winding temperature distribution, the location and magnitude of hot spot temperature of oil-immersed single phase transformer subjected to harmonic pollution. The mathematical model governing the problem is solved numerically in a three dimensional computational domain using commercial computational fluid dynamics package Fluent 6.3. Extended domains have been used at the transformer inlet and exit to resolve the unknown velocities. The unknown velocities are resolved by using appropriate pressure boundary conditions at the inlet and exit. Simulations have been done for different loads subjected to harmonics. The relative reduction of life of the transformer is also determined using Montsinger relation.

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M. Ebenezer, Rajkumar, M. R., and Nair, P. S. Chandramoh, “Determination of Hot Spot Temperature of a Single Phase Transformer Subjected to Harmonic Pollution”, Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series B, vol. 93, pp. 143–149, 2012.