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Journal Article


Materials Today: Proceedings (2021)



AMC, Composites, Continuous Fibres, Marine applications, Stainless-steel


Driven by energy conservation and environmental protection, present-day engineering applications focus on the effective usage of fossil fuels. Hence, industrial sectors perform extensive research on light-weighting of structures to improve efficiency. In this study, the aluminum matrix composite (AMC) is fabricated by reinforcing continuous stainless-steel (SS 304) fibers. The fabricated AMC is examined for its mechanical, metallurgical, and tribological properties. The results indicate a 6% enhancement in ultimate tensile strength, a 73% enhancement in hardness, and a 33% enhancement of wear resistance in developed AMC.

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V. Pamula, Kalyan, K. Pavan, Vaira Vignesh R., and Dr. Govindaraj M., “Development and characterization of aluminum matrix composite reinforced with continuous stainless-steel fibers”, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021.