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International Journal of Drug Development and Research, Volume 2, Number 2, p.388-393 (2010)



accuracy, article, chrysophanic acid, drug dosage form, drug formulation, gel, methanol, spectrophotometry, ultraviolet radiation


<p>A simple, accurate, sensitive, precise &amp; reproducible UV spectroscopic method has been developed for the estimation of chrysophanol in pure form and in gel formulations. Chrysophanol was estimated at 225nm in methanol medium. Beer's law was obeyed in the concentration range of 1-10 μg/ml (r2=0.998). The method was tested and validated for various parameters according to the ICH(International Conference on Harmonization) guidelines. The detection and quantification limits were found to be 0.57μg/ml and1.72μg/ml, respectively. The results demonstrated that the procedure is accurate, precise and reproducible (relative standard deviation &lt; 1 %), while being simple, cheap and less time consuming, and hence can be suitably applied for the estimation of chrysophanol in different dosage forms.</p>


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D. Ta Vasudevan, Dinesh, K. Rb, Gopalakrishnan, Sc, Ravikumar, K. Ga, Sundaram, K. Rd, and Dr. Aneesh T. P., “Development and validation of spectrophotometric method for chrysophanol in gel formulations”, International Journal of Drug Development and Research, vol. 2, pp. 388-393, 2010.