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Journal Article


Electric Power Components and Systems, Taylor & Francis, Volume 41, Issue 1, Number 1, p.100–109 (2013)



Gas Turbine, Load frequency control, Parallel Operation, Proportional\ Integral\Derivative Controller


Gas turbines are used in biomass plants for energy conversion. An effective control scheme is required for optimal performance during parallel operation. In this article, an optimal proportional-integral-derivative controller is developed for isolated operation. The gas turbinesare then connected in parallel, and an effective control scheme is developed for their paralleloperation. The response of the gas turbine plants with a proportional-integral-derivative controllerin parallel operation shows improved performance.


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S. Selva Kumar, Dr. Balamurugan S., and R. Joseph Xavier, “Development of Controller for Parallel Operation of Gas Turbine Plants”, Electric Power Components and Systems, vol. 41, no. 1, pp. 100–109, 2013.