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Journal Article


International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Volume 2, Issue 5 (2013)


Power quality issues, their modeling and mitigation techniques are became hot research topics soon after the introduction of solid state devices in power system. These nonlinear loads, power electronics based ASDs, UPSs are used in industries in large numbers for smooth operation and control. These equipment also introduce power quality issues such as harmonics, reduction in power factor, voltage unbalance, transients etc. These issues cause malfunction or damage of power system equipments. In this paper, harmonics and reactive power are considered as major issues and shunt active power filter is used for compensation. Three phase thyristor converter fed resistive load is considered as test system in this work. Different methods of harmonic analysis and mitigation techniques are surveyed by the author. In this paper, harmonic analysis of source current at the point of common coupling is done using LabVIEW based harmonic analyser, and the reactive and harmonic components of the source current are separated with the help of LabVIEW based intelligent control software. It also generates the switching signals to control voltage source inverter, used as active filter. Simulation and experimental studies using LabVIEW based control system shows the satisfactory performance

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Dr. Sindhu M. R., Nair, M. G., and Nambiar, T. N. P., “Development of LabVIEW Based Harmonic Analysis and Mitigation Scheme with Shunt Active Filter for Power Quality Enhancement”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, vol. 2, no. 5, 2013.