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Conference Proceedings


2017 International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS) (2017)


biomedical materials, Composites, degradation, eco-friendly nanocomposites, Filled polymers, harmful radiations, Mechanical factors, Mechanical properties, medical imaging X-ray shielding materials, nanobiotechnology, Nanocomposites, nanofabrication, natural rubber materials, natural rubber matrix, Polymers, radiation exposure, rare earth oxide, Rubber, scanning electron microscopy, Shielding, thermal degradation, Thermal stability, Thermal studies, toxic lead containing garment, X-ray scattering


This paper discusses the development of X-ray shielding materials based on rare earth oxide and natural rubber materials. Medical imaging, as we know is currently using highly toxic lead containing garment for protection from harmful radiations. Both technicians as well as patients are suffering from the ill effects of radiation exposure to a great extent. The current research presented in this paper can be an alternative to the above mentioned problems. Rare earth oxide was used as filler in natural rubber matrix to prepare eco-friendly composites. The samples were analyzed to confirm the particle size, even distribution in matrix phase, mechanical properties and their response to high temperature conditions

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Sreedha Sambhudevan and B. Shankar, “Development of Medical Imaging X-ray Shielding Materials based on Natural Rubber/Nano Composites-thermal Degradation Studies”, 2017 International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS). 2017.