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5-bus microgrid simulator, current phasors, Demand Response, DFT, discrete Fourier transform, Discrete Fourier transforms, Distributed power generation, distribution network, distribution networks, dsPIC30f4011 microcontroller, Frequency measurement, Frequency synchronization, MATLAB environment, Microcontrollers, Microgrid, phasor measurement, Pmu, power 15 MW, real time data collection unit, RTDCU, Smart grid, Smart grids, Smart power grids, voltage phasors


This paper proposes a Real Time Data Collection Unit (RTDCU) to be used in the distribution side of a smart grid for real time data collection. The RTDCU unit uses Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) based approach to compute the voltage and current phasors and frequency of the power system signals. The design, development and testing of such a system is done for a 5-bus micro grid simulator which represents a scaled down model of approximately 25km2 grid with a peak demand of 15MW. The RTDCU unit is first simulated and tested in MATLAB environment using synthetic signals and the correctness is ensured. The unit is then implemented in hardware in a dsPIC30f4011 microcontroller and tested for different loads. The future scope of the unit and the ways to improve the performance and synchronized data collection are also discussed.

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N. S., Sivraj, P., Dr. Sasi K. K., and Lagerstöm, R., “Development of a Real Time Data Collection Unit for distribution network in a smart grid environment”, in 2014 POWER AND ENERGY SYSTEMS: TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE ENERGY, 2014, pp. 1-5.