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Conference Paper


IEEE International Conference on Industrial Instrumentation and Control (ICIC 2015), IEEE, Pune (2015)

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Ladder Diagram, Load modeling, Monitoring, Over Voltage, over voltage protection, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), real-world testing platform, SCADA automated substation model, SCADA software, SCADA systems, Software, substation automation, Substation model, Substations, supervisory control and data acquisition, Switches, testing platform, Threat modelling, time based load shedding, unscheduled load shedding, voltage 33 kV, Voltage control, voltage transformers


This paper discusses construction and testing of a scaled down model of 33 kV substation using SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). The model works as a testing platform for conducting various kinds of automation tests like unscheduled load shedding, time based load shedding, over voltage protection etc. The model provides hands on experience of automation which results in enhancement of control, accuracy, and reliability of the substation. The substation is monitored and controlled using SCADA. The objective of this paper is to demonstrate how to develop an efficient system and using it as a real-world testing platform that enables the collection of right amount of data and relaying it to the controlling utility at right time to take right actions for smooth performance and good efficiency. Also to study the security concerns of the system by modelling the threats associated it.

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S. M. Ramesh, Smrithi, S., AkhilRajkoti, P., Dr. P. Kanakasabapathy, A.N. Ravishankar, Pal, S., and Poornachandran, P., “Development of SCADA automated 33kV substation model as testing platform”, in IEEE International Conference on Industrial Instrumentation and Control (ICIC 2015), Pune, 2015.