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IK International Publishing, New Delhi , p.306 (2016)





Very often we encounter words from the computing world whose precise meaning tends to elude us! More and more computer jargons are cropping up almost every other day. This dictionary is conceptualized realizing this need for access to a ready reference resource. The authors have strived to develop this dictionary of computer terminologies in a novel way. It does not only give the pithy meaning, connotation or context, but it also includes witty cartoons and simple images and diagrams to make its usage a “learn and fun” experience. With its exciting way of treatment of the terminologies, this dictionary will be useful to anybody who has to deal with computers in a day to day activity. This could be students of all grades, teachers, parents, professionals and so on.

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Dr. Shriram K Vasudevan, Vasudevan, S., Velusamy, K., and N. Radhika, Dictionary of Computer Science. New Delhi : IK International Publishing, 2016, p. 306.