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Journal Article


Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on, Volume 57, Number 11, p.2576-2581 (2008)


analog-to-digital converter, analogue-digital conversion, Capacitance-to-digital converter, capacitive sensors, differential capacitive sensor, differential capacitive sensors, digital converter, direct capacitance-to-digital conversion, dual-slope technique, sensor signal conditioning


A digital converter that directly translates variations in the capacitances of a differential-type capacitive sensor to a proportional digital value is described in this paper. A conventional dual-slope, analog-to-digital converter is suitably modified to obtain direct capacitance-to-digital conversion (CDC). Analysis of the proposed technique indicates that the effects of nonidealities and variations in circuit parameters on the performance of the CDC is either in the form of a gain error and/or an offset, both of which can be easily compensated. Simulation studies and experimental results obtained from a prototype built and tested prove the efficacy of the proposed scheme.

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M. N. Mohan, A. Shet, R., Kedarnath, S., and V. Kumar, J., “Digital Converter for Differential Capacitive Sensors”, Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 57, pp. 2576-2581, 2008.