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Conference Paper


2005 IEEE Instrumentationand Measurement Technology Conference Proceedings, IEEE (2005)



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Analog-digital conversion, analogue-digital conversion, analogue-to-digital converter, Automatic testing, Capacitance measurement, Circuits, digital converter, Electrical resistance measurement, Instruments, push-pull type resistive transducers, resistance-to-digital converter, Resistive Transducers, signal conditioning, signal processing equipment, Switching converters, System testing, Transducers, Velocity measurement


A direct resistance-to-digital converter (RDC) suitable for push-pull type resistive transducers is proposed. The push-pull resistive transducer forms an integral part of an integrating type analogue-to-digital converter and provides a digital output proportional to the physical quantity being sensed. It has been established that with an additional set of integration, automatic offset compensation can be achieved. Test results on a prototype demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed method

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V. J. Kumar, Dr. Madhu Mohan N., and Murti, V. G. K., “Digital Converter for Push-Pull Type Resistive Transducers”, in 2005 IEEE Instrumentationand Measurement Technology Conference Proceedings, 2005.