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Conference Paper


2011 International Conference on Devices and Communications, ICDeCom 2011 - Proceedings, Mesra (2011)





Attractive solutions, Cognitive radio, Discrete wavelet transforms, Energy detectors, New dimensions, Radio systems, Signal detection, Spectral congestion, Spectrum sensing, Spectrum utilization, Wavelet analysis, Wavelet filters, Wavelet-based approach, Wireless communications, Wireless telecommunication systems


With the advent of an era of wireless communication, the number of users is on the rise, the result of which is spectral congestion. Cognitive Radio systems provide an intelligent and an attractive solution to this technical crisis. Spectrum Sensing is indispensable for the functioning of Cognitive Radio and helps in efficient spectrum utilization. In this paper, a wavelet based approach to spectrum sensing is dealt with. Wavelets provide a new dimension to tackle spectrum sensing. This method is comparatively easier and more reliable than the conventional energy detector. An algorithm for spectrum sensing has been proposed and the results obtained for various scenarios are tabulated. A comparison with the conventional energy detector has been performed to substantiate the proposal. Some important conditions are also specified. © 2011 IEEE.


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A. Chandran, R. Karthik, A., Kumar, A., M. Siva, S., Iyer, U. S., Dr. Ramanathan R., and Naidu, R. C., “Discrete wavelet transform based spectrum sensing in futuristic cognitive radios”, in 2011 International Conference on Devices and Communications, ICDeCom 2011 - Proceedings, Mesra, 2011.