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Journal Article


IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Volume 30, Number 4, p.1677-1685 (2015)


active power demand, annual energy loss reduction, bus voltage, Clustering algorithms, DG, Distributed generation (DG), Distributed power generation, distribution line system reconfiguration, distribution system reconfiguration, DSR, Energy loss, energy losses, fuzzy C-means clustering, fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm, fuzzy set theory, genetic algorithm (GA), Integer programming, load flow, load variability, minimisation, Minimization, mixed integer nonlinear programming optimization problem, nonlinear programming, Optimization, pattern clustering, power balance, power distribution lines, power grid automation, Power grids, power loss minimization, Reactive power, reactive power demand, Switches, variable distributed generation profiles


In this paper, a new formulation for distribution
system reconfiguration (DSR) is proposed for minimizing the
annual energy losses considering the variability in active and
reactive power demand and distributed generation (DG) profiles.
A fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm is used to obtain representative
centroids from annual DG and power demand profiles.
The DSR study is formulated as a mixed-integer nonlinear programming
optimization problem and tested on a 33-bus and an
84-bus system. The minimization is subject to the power balance,
bus voltage, and distribution system radiality constraints. Using
this formulation, a single optimum configuration that minimizes
annual energy losses is found and shown to be different from
the optimum configuration, found in previous literature, which
focuses on minimizing power losses at peak or average loads. In
addition, the prospective advantages of grid automation on DSR
are demonstrated to provide further energy loss reduction by
including the possibility of interchanging a predefined number of
configurations that minimize annual energy losses.

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A. M. Tahboub, Dr. V. Ravikumar Pandi, and Zeineldin, H. H., “Distribution System Reconfiguration for Annual Energy Loss Reduction Considering Variable Distributed Generation Profiles”, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 30, pp. 1677-1685, 2015.