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Journal Article


Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Issue 4, p.10-13 (2016)



Hemochromatosis is a genetic disorder which leads to the accretion of iron in parenchymal organs leading to organ toxicity. Normal absorption of iron from daily food is 10% whereas people with hemochromatosis diseases can absorb iron four times more than the normal absorption. There is no proper medication and clinically proved medicines have side effects. Hence an alternative methods is the extraction of bioactive compounds from the medicinal plants to recognize the novel target. 17 compounds from 13 medicinal plants with 81 properties were collected from database. 81 properties with certain specific conditions were checked for accuracy using various machine learning techniques. The compounds that satisfies the pharmacological properties are docked with the mutated protein of hemochromatosis. The free energy and the interaction analysis were also discussed.

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Dr. Deepa Gopakumar O. S. and Ani R., “Docking studies of Hemochromatosis protein with various compounds of the medicinal plants”, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, no. 4, pp. 10-13, 2016.