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2019 International Conference on Vision Towards Emerging Trends in Communication and Networking (ViTECoN), IEEE, Vellore, India, India (2019)





Acceleration, Accidents, Audio systems, Automobiles, behavioural sciences computing, Cameras, data analysis, data analytics, Deviation detection, driver behavior, Driver behaviour analysis, driver feedback system, driver information systems, Driver’s ride feedback, drowsiness, Drowsiness detection, edge technologies, Emergency services, face, feedback report, Geotag, Heart beat, heart rate analysis, Internet, motor vehicle crashes, On board diagnostics, Road safety, Statistical analysis, Statistics, Ultrasonic sensors, WEB application, Web page, white line fever detection, Wireless control


The current leading-edge technologies in automobiles are so advanced that there is no exaggeration in saying that today's cars are smarter than humans. They have many inbuilt features like taking up calls, wireless control over the audio systems, ultrasonic sensors for parking and the list goes on. But there are no systems in place which will study the driver's behavior while driving and gives a feedback report to the driver about his drowsiness, deviation from driving, speed variations, steering angle patterns, heartbeat rate, the comfort of the driver inside the vehicle etc., so that he can improve his driving. Many of the available feedback system doesn't provide data about the drowsiness, deviation of driver from driving, heart rate analysis and this is needed because according to the statistics on the crashes, a total of 37,461 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2016 and there were about 83,000 cases registered due to drowsy driving which has become a major threat to life nowadays. In order to overcome these problems, we provide an efficient alerting, feedback system to the driver through a Web application by performing data analytics. In case of any crash, for faster intimation to emergency services we also upload the Geotag, the severity of accident to another unique web page where hospitals can know about the nearby accidents occurred around them and send the emergency services faster.

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S. K. Vasudevan, Kowshik, G., and Anudeep, J., “Driver Feedback System With White Line Fever Detection”, in 2019 International Conference on Vision Towards Emerging Trends in Communication and Networking (ViTECoN), Vellore, India, India, 2019.