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Conference Proceedings


Fourth International Conference on Flow Dynamics (ICFD2007), Volume AIP Conference Proceedings, Sendai International Conference Center, Japan (2007)



Spreading and receding processes of water drops impacting on a stainless steel surface comprising rectangular shaped parallel grooves are studied experimentally. The study was confined to the impact of drops in inertia dominated flow regime with Weber number in the range 15-257. Measurements of spreading drop diameter and drop height were obtained during the impact process as function of time. Experimental measurements of spreading drop diameter and drop height obtained for the grooved surface were compared with those obtained for a smooth surface to elucidate the influence of surface grooves on the impact process. The grooves definitely influence both spreading and receding processes of impacting liquid drops. A more striking observation from this study is that the receding process of impacting liquid drops is dramatically changed by the groove structure for all droplet Weber number.

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Dr. R. Kannan and Deivandren, S., “Drop Impact on a Solid Surface Comprising Micro Groove Structure”, Fourth International Conference on Flow Dynamics (ICFD2007), vol. AIP Conference Proceedings. Sendai International Conference Center, Japan, 2007.