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Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Volume 64, Number 6, p.359–366 (2012)



Recent trends in material science show a considerable interest in the manufacturing of metal matrix composites to meet the stringent demands of lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistance. Aluminium is the popular matrix metal currently in vogue that can be reinforced with ceramic materials such as particulates to meet the desired property. The purpose of this paper is to fabricate hybrid metal matrix composites to improve the dry sliding wear resistance and to study of the effect of sliding speed, load and reinforcement (alumina and graphite) on wear properties, as well as its contact friction.


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Dr. Radhika N, Subramanian, R., S Prasat, V., and Anandavel, B., “Dry sliding wear behaviour of aluminium/alumina/graphite hybrid metal matrix composites using Taguchi's techniques”, Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, vol. 64, pp. 359–366, 2012.