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Journal Article


Chemical Communications, Volume 48, p.3218-3220 (2012)



A uridine-quantum dot conjugate, a contrast agent for multimodal imaging, was synthesized. Its T(1) relaxivity was 655 and 571.2 mM(-1) s(-1) per particle at 36 °C in phosphate buffered saline at 60 and 200 MHz, respectively. In vitro multimodal images confirmed its uptake by RAW 264.7 cells.

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P. Junwon, Jung, J. H., Hyunseung, L., Young-Woock, N., Taik, L. Yong, Hong, K. S., Kim, J. S., and Bhuniya, S., “DTTA-Ligated uridine-quantum dot (QD) conjugate as a bimodal contrast agent for cellular imaging”, Chemical Communications, vol. 48, pp. 3218-3220, 2012.