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Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, American Scientific Publishers, Volume 5, Number 3, p.545-551 (2015)



advanced encryption standard cryptography, algorithm, article, biometry, computer security, data encryption standard cryptography, face, finger dermatoglyphics, fuzzy system, hand palm, Information processing, Internet, iris, vein, voice


Template security is a vital concern in biometric systems because unlike passwords, stolen biometric templates cannot be revoked and hence, fool-proof techniques are required to securely store the multi-biometric templates. The existing technique uses hand vein and palm vein modalities in building a fuzzy vault for multi-biometric recognition. But, security involved in converting the feature points to vault is not much impressive. In order to build effective security measure in fuzzy vault generation, we have to utilize a method of dual cryptography techniques that make use of AES and DES cryptography. Here, we use two types of algorithm, namely AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and DES (Data Encryption Standard) that all are symmetric cryptographic techniques. Initially, feature points from palm and hand veins are encrypted using AES algorithm. Then, the private key generated by AES algorithm is given to DES algorithm for encryption. Finally, the multi-modal biometric template and the secret key are used to generate the fuzzy vault. For decryption, the public key of DES is used to decrypt the private key of AES algorithm. Then, the encrypted feature points are decrypted by the AES algorithm. The performance is analyzed with the help of evaluation metrics. The results are also compared to our earlier technique and the results shows that the proposed technique has achieved better results having GAR of 90% without noise and with noise. The technique yielded good security for modality based biometric recognition. Copyright © 2015 American Scientific Publishers.


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Na Lalithamani and Sabrigiriraj, Mb, “Dual encryption algorithm to improve security in hand vein and palm vein-based biometric recognition”, Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, vol. 5, pp. 545-551, 2015.