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Journal Article


Ranjith, K.


International Journal of Solids and Structures, Volume 45, Number 14-15, p.4211-4221 (2008)



Anisotropy, Bioactivity, Earthquakes, Elastic solids, Elasticity, Friction, Interfaces (materials), Wavenumber magnitudes


The stability of steady, dynamic, anti-plane slipping at a planar interface between two dissimilar anisotropic linear elastic solids is studied. The solids are assumed to possess a plane of symmetry normal to the slip direction, so that in-plane displacements and normal stress changes on the slip plane do not occur. Friction at the interface is assumed to follow a rate and state-dependent law with velocity weakening behavior in the steady state. The stability to spatial perturbations of the form exp(ikx1), where k is the wavenumber and x1 is the coordinate along the interface is studied. The critical wavenumber magnitude, |k|cr, above which there is stability and the corresponding phase velocity, c, of the neutrally stable mode are obtained from the stability analysis. Numerical plots showing the dependence of |k|cr and c on the unperturbed sliding velocity, Vo, are provided for various bi-material combinations of practical interest. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


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K. Ranjith, “Dynamic anti-plane sliding of dissimilar anisotropic linear elastic solids”, International Journal of Solids and Structures, vol. 45, pp. 4211-4221, 2008.