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International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Academic Press, Volume 119, Number 15, p.625-628 (2018)



Frequency unbalance occurs when wind electric generators are connected with the grid since their power output depends with the wind flow and thus it reduces system inertia. Since renewable interaction in near future will be higher, it is important to control frequency even if wind electric machines are connected to the grid. This paper presents an analysis on a single area load frequency control (LFC) comprising of a thermal plant integrated with the doubly fed induction generators (DFIG). DFIG wind generators help to meet the load immediately before the action of the governor of thermal plant thus retaining the system in operating frequency level. But, to retain the system back to the normal frequency the addition of secondary controller is emphasized. Therefore, in this work for fine tuning of frequency is carried out using secondary controller namely, Proportional Integral (PI) controller. The PI controller fine tunes the frequency retaining the system back to normal frequency. The whole analysis is performed with 2% load variation and is simulated under MATLAB/SIMULINK and results are validated using performance index. © 2018 Academic Press. All rights reserved.


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K. Anirudh and Chandrakala, K. R. M. Vijaya, “Dynamic contribution of DFIG based wind energy penetration in interconnected system for improved load frequency control”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol. 119, pp. 625-628, 2018.