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Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Maxwell Science Publications, Volume 10, Number 7, p.841-843 (2015)



The motive of this study is to suggest a protocol which can be implemented to observe the activities of any node within a network whose contribution to the organization needs to be measured. Many associates working in any organization misuse the resources allocated to them and waste their working time in unproductive work which is of no use to the organization. In order to tackle this problem the dynamic approach in monitoring web pages accessed by user using cookies gives a very efficient way of tracking all the activities of the individual and store in cookies which are generated based on their recent web activity and display a statistical information of how the users web activity for the time period has been utilized for every IP-address in the network. In a ever challenging dynamic world monitoring the productivity of the associates in the organization plays an utmost important role. © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2015.


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K. V. S. Jaharsh Samayan, Vasudevan, S. K., and Balachandran, A., “Dynamic tracking of web activity accessed by users using cookies”, Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, vol. 10, pp. 841-843, 2015.