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Conference Proceedings


Int. conference on Computer Science Engineering and Applications (2011)


The reduction in energy consumption without any deadline miss is one of the main challenges in real-time embedded systems. Dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) is a technique that reduces the power consumption of processors by utilizing various operating points provided to the DVS processor. These operating points consist of pairs of voltage and frequency. The selection of operating points can be done based on the load to the system at a particular point of time. In this work DVS is applied to both periodic and sporadic tasks, and an average of 40% of energy is reduced. The energy consumption of the processor is further reduced by 2-10% by reducing the number of pre-emption and frequency switching.

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A. Lekshmi Mohan and Dr. Anju Pillai S., “Dynamic voltage scaling for power consumption reduction in real-time mixed task model”, Int. conference on Computer Science Engineering and Applications. 2011.