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Journal Article


Scientific Reports Nature, In Press (2016)



Dynamical systems can undergo critical transitions where the system suddenly shifts from one stable state to another at a critical threshold called the tipping point. The decrease in recovery rate to equilibrium (critical slowing down) as the system approaches the tipping point can be used to identify the proximity to a critical transition. Several measures have been adopted to provide early indications of critical transitions that happen in a variety of complex systems. In this study, we use early warning indicators to predict subcritical Hopf bifurcation occurring in a thermoacoustic system by analyzing the observables from experiments and from a theoretical model. We find that the early warning measures perform as robust indicators in the presence and absence of external noise. Thus, we illustrate the applicability of these indicators in an engineering system depicting critical transitions.

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Dr. E. A. Gopalakrishnan, Yogita, S., Tony, J., Dutta, P., and Sujith, R. I., “Early warning signals for critical transitions in a thermoacoustic system”, Scientific Reports Nature, In Press, 2016.