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Journal Article


Journal of Central South University, Central South University of Technology, Volume 26, Issue 10, p.2634-2642 (2019)



Alloying, Argon atmospheres, Copper alloys, Copper nickels, Functions, Linear functions, Microhardness, Models, Nickel alloys, Radial basis function networks, Radial basis functions, Solution heat treated, Spinodal alloy, Spinodal decomposition, Ternary alloys, Tin alloys, Tribological behaviors, Wear behaviors, Wear of materials


Copper alloyed with various compositions of nickel and tin were cast into molds under argon atmosphere. The cast rods were homogenized, solution heat treated, followed by aging for different time duration. The specimens were characterized for microstructure and tested for microhardness and wear rate. A hybrid model with a linear function and radial basis function was developed to analyze the influence of nickel, tin, and aging time on the microhardness and tribological behavior of copper-nickel-sin alloy system. The results indicate that increase in the composition of nickel and tin increases the microhardness and decreases the wear rate of the alloy. The increase in the concentration of nickel and tin decreases the peak aging time of the alloy system. © 2019, Central South University Press and Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature.

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Dr. Ilangovan S., Vaira Vignesh R., Dr. Padmanaban R., and Dr. Gokulachandran J., “Effect of composition and aging time on hardness and wear behavior of Cu-Ni-Sn spinodal alloy”, Journal of Central South University, vol. 26, no. 10, pp. 2634-2642, 2019.