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Journal Article


International Journal of Micro-Nano Scale Transport, Volume 4, p.77-84 (2013)



Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are one of the most commonly used engineering materials. The axial thermal conductivity of CNTs were found to be exceptionally high, which makes them one of the favourable candidates for the next generation thermal management devices. Previous works have indicated that the presence of confined fluid molecules inside the CNT lead to a reduction in the thermal conductivity of the CNT. In the present study, we investigate the effect of confined liquid flow through CNTs on the thermal transport of CNTs. Spectral energy density method is used to predict the phonon properties and lifetimes of the CNT. The phonon mode lifetimes were found to be greater under flow compared to filled condition for smaller diameter CNTs. But the flow does not seem to modify signifcantly the phonon mode lifetimes of larger diameter CNTs. These variations in the thermal transport properties of CNT is explained using the changes occuring in the physical behavior of the confined fluid as the tube diameter changes.

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S. Krishnan T. V., Jeetu S. Babu, and Sarith Sathian, “Effect of Confined Fluid Interaction on the Thermal Transport in Carbon Nanotubes”, International Journal of Micro-Nano Scale Transport, vol. 4, pp. 77-84, 2013.