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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Applied Research, Volume 5, Number 8 (2015)



Adjustment, Adolescents, Conscious Parenting, Optimal Parenting, Parental bonding


A study was done with the objectives of assessing the levels of adjustment and parentalbonding and ascertainingtheeffect of consciousparenting on a sample of randomly selected adolescents. The sample consisted of 35 students (18 male and 17 female) who were randomly selected after being screened for poor adjustment using AISS (Adjustment Inventoryfor School Students, (Sinha and Singh, 1998).These 35 students were assessed for parental bonding using PBI (Parental Bonding Instrument, Parker, Tupling and Brown, 1997). The mothers of the student participants underwent sessions on Conscious Parenting.After a stipulated number of sessions of 21 days, all the student participants were reassessed using AISS and PBI. The study revealed the following: the difference in mean emotional and social adjustments of the student participants before and after Conscious Parenting were statistically significant; there was a statistically significant difference in total adjustment before and after Conscious Parenting; the mean Parental Bonding of the participants before and after Conscious Parenting was statistically significant.

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Dr. Preetha Menon and Jose, T., “Effect of Conscious Parenting on Adjustment in Adolescents”, Indian Journal of Applied Research, vol. 5, 2015.