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Journal Article


Proceedings of the Northeast Business & Economics Association, p.423 - 427 (2010)



ADVERTISING, and Consumer welfare, BRAND choice, BRAND mobility, Consumer brand switching, Consumer search, Direct advertising to consumers (DTCA), DIRECT mail advertising, DRUGS, Medical insurers, PHARMACEUTICAL services, PRESCRIPTION of drugs, Prescription pharmaceutical drugs, Research, United States


The empirical results of this study suggest that there is a statistically significant effect of direct advertising to consumers (DTCA) on market share of four pharmaceutical prescription drugs in the US. These results provide some support for the argument that the consumers engage in search and brand switching among the plausible brandchoices, and augment the empirical database of knowledge in this domain.

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G. Kalyanaram and Dr. P. Balasubramanian, “The Effect of Direct Advertising to Consumers (DTCA) In Prescription Pharmaceutical Drugs, and Consumer Welfare”, Proceedings of the Northeast Business & Economics Association, pp. 423 - 427, 2010.