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Journal Article


Procedia Materials Science, Elsevier, Volume 5, p.2369–2375 (2014)



Arc parameters, Electrode Diameter, Gas tungsten arc welding, GTAW, Regression analysis, Welding current, Welding speed


The microstructure and mechanical properties of a GTA weldment depends on the physical and thermal properties of the workpiece, the arc efficiency and the area of heat incident on the workpiece surface. In this study the variation in area of heat incident on the workpiece surface is found to be dependent on change in electrode diameter and welding current. The analysis was done by examining the arc parameters obtained during GTA welding process. The arc parameters were obtained by capturing the arc image by using a gray scale CCD camera and it was processed by Sherlock machine vision software. A regression equation was developed by relating experimentally measured arc parameters and welding parameters like electrode diameter and welding current.

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R. B Chandra, Dr. Sanjivi Arul, and Sellamuthu, R., “Effect of electrode diameter and input current on gas tungsten arc welding heat distribution parameters”, Procedia Materials Science, vol. 5, pp. 2369–2375, 2014.