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Conference Paper


Indian Conference on Applied Mechanics (INCAM) , IIT, Madras (2013)


Most of machine elements consist of discontinuities where it is necessary to consider stress distributions from fracture mechanics point of view. In the present work fracture toughness of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced laminates (CFRP) and glass fiber reinforced laminates (GFRP) with
different fiber orientation angles and single edge notch configurations perpendicular to loading direction are investigated experimentally . Fracture toughness is calculated by determining failure loads and best fiber configuration for fracture toughness is found to be [0/15]s. Studies are extended to investigate the variation in fracture toughness of [0/15]s configuration under the influence of nano particles like CNT.

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K. M. Mini, Mahadevan Lakshmanan, and Midhun, R., “Effect of Fiber orientation on Fracture Toughness of Glass/Epoxy and Carbon/Epoxy Composites”, in Indian Conference on Applied Mechanics (INCAM) , IIT, Madras, 2013.