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Journal Article


Pramana, Springer, Volume 72, Number 3, p.495–503 (2009)



We study the effect of parameter fluctuations and the resultant multiplicative noise on the synchronization of coupled chaotic systems. We introduce a new quantity, the fluctuation rate ϕ as the number of perturbations occurring to the parameter in unit time. It is shown that ϕ is the most significant quantity that determines the quality of synchronization. It is found that parameter fluctuations with high fluctuation rates do not destroy synchronization, irrespective of the statistical features of the fluctuations. We also present a quasi-analytic explanation to the relation between ϕ and the error in synchrony.

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M. P. John, Jijo, P. U., and Dr. V . M. Nandakumaran, “Effect of a fluctuating parameter mismatch and the associated time-scales on coupled Rossler oscillators”, Pramana, vol. 72, pp. 495–503, 2009.

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