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Journal Article


International Journal of Applied Engineering Research , Volume 10, Issue 11, p.28741 - 28748 (2015)


Minimizing the time taken to manufacture a product is important to any company as it is one of the deciding factors for the output and profits of the company. The aim of this paper is to study the implementation of a low cost automation system in the assembly workstation of a submersible pump manufacturing company. A study was carried out on the complete manufacturing process and a bottleneck was identified in the assembly section. It was found that the operator had to perform strenuous movements, which were time consuming to assemble the pump. A mechanization process is implemented and an analysis of the perceived stress levels before and after the implementation is discussed.

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P. Rudresh, V. Ramesh, Dr. Anbuudayasankar S. P., R. P. Kikani, and A. Khandelwal, “The effect of mechanization on operator performance – An Ergonomic perspective”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research , vol. 10, no. 11, pp. 28741 - 28748, 2015.