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Conference Paper


AIP Conference Proceedings, American Institute of Physics Inc., Volume 1859 (2017)





This investigation mainly targeted on study of hardness and tensile properties of Al 7075 with different metal coatings like Nickel, Zinc and cadmium. Coating of these metals on Al 7075 is successfully achieved by time dependent electroplating method for different thicknesses of 10, 15 and 20 Microns. These metal coated Al-7075 specimens were tested for hardness and tensile properties according to the ASTM standards. It's found that Nickel coated alloy shows excellent hardness and tensile properties compared to Zinc and Cadmium coated alloys. 20 μm Nickel coated alloy exhibits highest hardness number of 102 HRB and Maximum Tensile Strength of 603 MPa than Zinc and Cadmium coated alloy. The microstructural studies authenticated that the coating of Nickel, zinc and cadmium on Al 7075 is homogeneous. © 2017 Author(s).


cited By ; Conference of International Conference on Functional Materials, Characterization, Solid State Physics, Power, Thermal and Combustion Energy 2017, FCSPTC 2017 ; Conference Date: 7 April 2017 Through 8 April 2017; Conference Code:129216

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R. V. Kumar, Dileep, B. P., S. Kumar, M., and Phanibhushana, M. V., “Effect of metal coatings on mechanical properties of aluminium alloy”, in AIP Conference Proceedings, 2017, vol. 1859.