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Conference Proceedings


Proc. Indian Natn. Sci. Acad., Volume B54, p.43 (1988)



Topical application of I to 4 micro-g of plumbagin, a napthoquinone from Plumbago zeylanica to the newly moulted 5th instar nymphs of Dysdercus cingulatus retarded growth and delayed metamorphosis in a dose-dependent manner. Metamorphosed adults possessed deformed wings. Treatment of the nymphs with higher doses of plumbagin inhibited moulting. Prothoracic gland cells of such insects were selectively stained blue-black. These observations suggest that plumbagin interferes with the function of prothoracic glands.

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N. K. Joshi, Lathika, K. M., Banerji, A., and Chadha, M. S., “Effect of plumbagin on Growth and Development of Red Cotton Bug, Dydercus Koenigii”, vol. B54. Proc. Indian Natn. Sci. Acad., p. 43, 1988.