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Tribology - Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, Volume 7, Number 1, p.36-41 (2013)



Alumina, Aluminium metal matrix composites, Aluminum, Aluminum alloys, Cerium alloys, Debris, Engineering applications, Fracture surfaces, Graphite, Mechanical properties, Metal matrix composites, Metallic matrix composites, Microstructural investigation, Reinforcement, scanning electron microscopy, Stir casting, Tensile strength, Tribological behaviour, Wear debris, Wear of materials, X ray diffraction


<p>Aluminium metal matrix composites are among the recent developments in engineering applications to meet the present day need of light weight, high strength/weight ratio and good wear properties. In the present study, AlSi10Mg alloy reinforced with 3, 6 and 9 wt-% alumina with constant 3 wt-% graphite particles was produced by stir casting technique. Microstructural investigations as well as evaluation of mechanical properties such as hardness, tensile strength and double shear strength were conducted on composites and unreinforced alloy specimens. Tribological behaviour of hybrid composites was studied using pin on disc test machine. Wornout surfaces were analysed using scanning electron microscopy, and wear debris were analysed using X-ray diffraction. Results revealed that the mechanical properties of hybrid composites were higher than unreinforced alloy. Dry sliding wear test results indicated that the aluminium alloy reinforced with 9 wt-% alumina and 3 wt-% graphite has highest wear resistance compared to unreinforced alloy. © 2013 W. S. Maney &amp; Son Ltd.</p>


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Dr. Radhika N and Subramanian, Rb, “Effect of reinforcement on wear behaviour of aluminium hybrid composites”, Tribology - Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, vol. 7, pp. 36-41, 2013.