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Journal Article


Research on Chemical Intermediates, Volume 29, Number 3, p.293–305 (2003)



<p>Photophysical properties of hemicyanine dyes (1 - 3) were investigated in solvents of varying polarity and viscosity. Hemicyanines possess relatively low fluorescence quantum yields (≤1{%}) in polar solvents. A significant increase in fluorescence quantum yield and lifetimes was observed with increase in viscosity of the solvent medium. The radiative, as well as nonradiative decay channels from the singlet-excited state were investigated by varying the viscosity of the medium. The viscosity-dependent radiationless relaxation observed in hemicyanine dyes is suggestive of a restricted rotor motion in the singlet excited state.</p>

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Z. S. Pillai, Sudeep, P. K., and K. Thomas, G., “Effect of viscosity on the singlet-excited state dynamics of some hemicyanine dyes”, Research on Chemical Intermediates, vol. 29, pp. 293–305, 2003.