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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Volume 8, Issue 28, Number 28 (2015)



This paper describes how the wind farms effect the crop production of Kanyakumari District. Remote sensing technology along with GIS has been used here for finding the NDVI values. Paddy yield data were also used for finding the effect of wind farms. Along with the NDVI values, we use temperature, humidity and Rainfall data for finding the Crop production rate. Erdas imagine 8.3 along with ArcGis have been used as the software for image and geo-information analysis.

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M. Arya, Dr. Geetha Srikanth, and Soman, K. P., “Effect of wind farms in crop production of Kanyakumari district”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 8, no. 28, 2015.