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International Journal of Scientific Research, Volume IV, Issue IX (2015)



Introduction: Spina bifida is a lifelong condition that is not curable. Some children born with spina bifida will require intensive treatment throughout their lives due to the range of complications associated with the defect. Methods: The approach used was quantitative approach using quasi–experimental one group pre–test post–test research design, conducted among 25 parents of children who met with the eligibility criteria following non–probability total enumeration sampling technique. Findings: Regarding homecare management of spina bifida, in the pretest 13(52%) had average knowledge, two (8%) had good knowledge, and 10(40%) had poor knowledge, and after the parent–centered education, post–test knowledge score showed that 20(80%) had good knowledge and five (20%) had average knowledge. Conclusion: The study depicts the need and importance of implementing various interventions for parents / children with chronic illness, as it would help improve knowledge, follow healthy practices and build up a healthy generation.

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W. Jacob and Kanmani J, “Effectiveness of parent centered education on knowledge regarding homecare management of children with spina bifida in a tertiary care hospital, Kochi.”, International Journal of Scientific Research, vol. IV, no. IX, 2015.