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Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, Volume 19, Issue 2, p.28-33 (2019)




Placenta, the organ that links mother and fetus during pregnancy have a crucial role in determining the perinatal outcome. Placental problems can lead to both mortality and morbidity among mothers and fetus1.


The main purpose of the study is to find out the relationship between placental characteristics and maternal outcome.

Method and Materials

A quantitative study with descriptive design was conducted among 100 intranatal women at labor room of Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre, Kochi. The samples were collected through convenience sampling technique and data collected regarding maternal characteristics, newborn characteristics and placental characteristics.

Statistical Analysis used

Analysis was done by using mean, frequency, percentage and Pearson Chi-Square test.


It was observed that among 100 samples collected the mean placental weight was 475.15gm and there was a positive correlation between fetal birth weight and placental weight [r=0.551]and it is significant [p value, 0.001]. Also there was a positive correlation between placental weight and fetal distress. In babies with fetal distress the mean placental weight[440.71g] is decreased [SD=85.092] and in babies without any fetal distress had increased placental weight [mean=484.30], [SD= 71.184], [P-value=0.019].


Awareness among healthcare proffessionals regarding the placental findings will helpfull in managing perinatal time

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A. S. Krishnan, Philip, A. T., R., P. Anjaly, and Nirmala, D. Anjana, “Effects of Placental Characteristics on Perinatal Outcome among Singleton Deliveries”, Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 28-33, 2019.