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Journal Article


International Ayurvedic Medical Journal , Volume 1, Issue 5 (2013)



Kadali kanda swarasa, Kulatha yusha, Mutrashmari, urolithiasis


Ashmari (Urolithiasis) is one of the major causes of abdominal pain. It is one of the major problems in surgical practice and the problem of recurrence is always troublesome to the surgeons. The therapies which are available in different systems of medicine cannot avoid the pathogenesis of calculus. So, recurrence of calculus even after removal is becoming a great problem and constant efforts are being made to evolve an effective treatment as well as prevention of recurrence of the disease. The objective of present study was evaluatation of the efficacy of Kadalikanda swarasa in the management of Mutrashmari. Kadali kanda swarasa is described in Charaka samhitha in mootrakrichradhikara which is indicated in Kaphaja Moothrakrichra with kulatha yusha anupana.

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Dr. Rajeshwari P. N., Veena, K., and Venkatesh, B. A., “Efficacy of Kadalikanda swarasa in the management of Mutrashmari (Urolithiasis)- A clinical study”, International Ayurvedic Medical Journal , vol. 1, no. 5, 2013.