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Journal Article


International Ayurvedic Medical Journal , Volume 1, Issue 2 (2013)



Kaphaja ashmari, Phosphate calculus, Urine infection, Varunadi kwatha


One of the most common causes for calculi formation is urine infection which leads to calculi formation. When we see the symptoms and consistency of Kaphaja Ashmari mentioned in Ayurvedic texts it may be correlated with the phosphate calculus in modern medical science. In Ayurveda, kapha dosha in increased quantity has been accepted as the main reason for the formation of Mutrashmari. In the present clinical study, 30 patients of Kaphaja Mutrashmari, were treated with Varunadi Kwatha for 90 days and the effect of the drug on the signs and symptoms were evaluated. The trial compound has shown encouraging symptomatic relief in most of the clinical features with expulsion of calculi. During the trial periods the treated group had shown no side effects of the drug compound

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Dr. Rajeshwari P. N., Sarma, B., Baishya, M., and Verma, J. P., “Efficacy of Varunadi Kwath in the management of Kaphaja Ashmari(Vesical Phosphate Calculus) -A Clinical study”, International Ayurvedic Medical Journal , vol. 1, no. 2, 2013.